Coaching, facilitation and trainings for interdisciplinary research teams and transdiciplinary cooperations

Every scientist has a contribution to make to something bigger, but this contribution can get lost in unfavourable group dynamics. We support individuals and groups in challenging their established perspectives and building affective collaboration styles. This leads to results not remaining just as the sum of their parts, but to the creating of new, bigger solutions. 

This may sound simple, but in reality it requires a lot of practice and self-reflection: self-consciousness, emotional awareness (and sometimes a little more playfulness) open up new solution spaces and ways for more productive communication, leading to higher engagement and implementation in the group. This is how both interdisciplinarity research and transdisciplinary cooperations can succeed.

1. Facilitation and moderation of interdisciplinary groups


You lead or are part of an interdisciplinary research team with highly motivated, brilliant people, but the project is bottlenecked or you are convinced that there is more to it? The well-intentioned science-practice cooperation turns out more difficult than expected?

We prepare university chairs, research training groups, collaborative research centres, teams in research institutes and in international organisations to shape interdisciplinary projects or science-practice cooperation projects in a highly functional, innovative and solution-oriented way. In this process, we do not provide content input, as you are the experts in your field. Rather, we take care of the pitfalls and group dynamics that cause you to fall short of your potential results and make processes and daily work a struggle.


We support, for example, through:

  • Guidance in the conception of inter- and transdisciplinary processes
  • Coaching of the leadership team in leading heterogenous groups
  • Group coaching to reduce conflict in interdisciplinary teams / projects
  • Facilitation of important team meetings, group rounds, retreats
  • Facilitation of project planning events
  • Facilitation of kick-off events
  • Moderation of congresses and events in international organizations

The following holds for all of our formats: You talk about your content on an expert level and we give you the psychological framework that opens up the scope for joint solutions in the long term. At the same time, we bring experience in interdisciplinary science.

Your results

You can concentrate on the content - we facilitate the process. Our facilitation techniques and methods create an innovative mindset, true collaboration and better understanding across disciplines and sectors with reduced drama. Team members experience more energy, creativity and deep connection because they feel heard, understood and valued. Work becomes more joyful, stress levels drop and productivity increases. It all makes complicated interdisciplinary projects more efficient and successful with more ease.

Next step

Tell us more by sending us a message. We are thrilled to co-create a concept with you.


Trainings for inter- and transdisciplinarity

For accompanying thematic impulses, please also take a look at our training offers.

2. Individual COACHING for effective self-leadership IN INTER- and TRANSDISciplinary projects

Why coaching?

Are you tired of your project either dragging on too slowly or having too little time for precision work? Are there always the same bottlenecks hindering progress? Does success or failure depend on too many external factors beyond your control? Are you talking at cross purposes within the same project? Do scientists from other disciplines and involved practitioners simply "not speak the same language" as you? Is there a lack of clear leadership and shared vision?

I know from my own experience how challenging interdisciplinary research and intersectoral exchange can be. Yet these obstacles should not prevent us from living interdisciplinarity in order to create the solutions needed for the pressing problems of our time.

Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for you to clearly identify where you can influence functional collaboration and successful innovative solutions in joint projects and how to make them realisable for all. We show you ways to deal with conflicts and interpersonal challenges within the group and then shift to success.

What you get

For people who work with me, the possibility space opens up for new solutions. They realise that they have all it takes to create multidimensional win-for-all solutions - regardless of outer circumstances.

Specific results include:

  • True collaboration in scientific teams with deep human connection
  • Better understanding and solution-oriented communication in science-practice collaborative projects
  • Innovative solutions and increased engagement and implementation
  • Clarity, focus and a sense of ease in the group
  • Self-awareness and confident positioning/communication
  • Productive handling of criticism and opposing views
  • Diversity in motion
  • Less conflict and more fulfilment

Our offer at a glance:

  • Free discovery session to ensure a perfect fit for you and your goals.
  • Coaching sessions can be designed individually in length and frequency.
  • Sessions are held online or face-to-face.
  • At least six 50 minute-sessions or four longer sessions - because change requires time.
  • Unlimited text message support between sessions.
  • Online ad-hoc support for solutions in crucial moments 
  • Supporting materials
  • Languages: German or English
  • Investment:
    • For individuals paying privately:
      95-150 Euro per 50 minutes session incl. all services. (Sliding scale)
    • Clients paid by organisation:
      190 Euro per 50 minutes session incl. all services.
    • We offer a limited amount of significantly discounted sessions for people in special circumstances.

Next step: Schedule an appointment with Insa for a free discovery session! 

Are we a fit?

Coaching is not for erveryone.


Coaching is not free, nor cheap for two reasons:

  1. Working with me requires significant commitment: not primarily time, but the decision to irreversibly change your way of thinking and approaching life - not only to achieve project goals and work better together in the short term, but more importantly to do fulfilling and meaningful work that contributes to something bigger and is truly YOURS to do.
  2. To create a space that supports you at the highest level, I make the same significant commitment to your vision. That makes us a powerful team set up for success.

If this is too much, I understand. Now is probably not the time.

So are we a fit? If you have read this far and are still interested, we may be. You aren't quite sure where to start, let's find time to chat: Contact me for a free discovery session.

3. trainings for leadership in interdisciplinary groups

For Trainings in the realm of leadership in diverse groups go here.

Ready for true inter- and transdisciplinary results with more ease? Then let's talk.

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