The Academy for Playful Leadership

We support people in academia and in innovative organisations for a cultural change and for true inter- and transdisciplinarity.

MOJE is the Low-German word for beautiful: Moje makes science-based work more beautiful!

We support impact-driven people in science, in research-oriented organisations and forward-thinkers with a clear vision for social change who long for more serenity and fun, as much as for a feeling of full aliveness, motivation and human connection. 

It is our mission to bring a radically new, conscious and playful culture into the world of science, to international organisations and innovative businesses. We do this to support inspiring, awake, different people like you to co-create inter- and transdisciplinary solutions that the world so desperately wants to hear.


The Moje offer

Soft skills are hard and fundamental -

not soft and nice to have

Do you want to take your project to the next level and benefit from functional inter- and transdisciplinary team structures? Are you looking for how to confidently deal with performance pressure and competitiveness, and ways to make your (research) profile highly visible? Do you want this while mastering everyday life with more ease and focusing on what's fun?

Cool! We offer science-specific coaching, facilitation and training for more impact and joy on the individual and group level ⇒ Find our offer at a glance.

the moje idea

 Knowledge is created and solutions emerge

through courage, curiosity and play.

The world needs new solutions for many complex challenges. This takes pioneers with a strong spirit of research and discovery generated by consciousness and a “playful mindset”. Play creates enthusiasm for new things. It makes us look positively and with curiosity in all possible directions. It is self-motivating and joyful. Playful leadership is therefore essential for (interdisciplinary) science and is becoming a key skill in innovative organisations of the future. 

 The Moje methods  

  Playful Leadership is a mindset.

We show you how to develop it

We are experts in developing your (self-)leadership skills. Based on knowledge from neuroscience, ontological coaching (the philisophy of "being"), design thinking, applied improvisation, we: (1) develop the preconditions for true interdisciplinary solutions; (2) train your brain for success with ease regardless of the systemic adversities – and of course in a playful way! 

your moje results

It begins with you.
This is for you if you want:
  • more team work and human connection (despite individual goals).
  • true inter- or transdisciplinary teams and collaboration.
  • progress towards your goals with a sense of ease and freedom instead performance pressure.
  • more focus on fun and impactful contributions.
  • self-confidence instead of perfectionism and competition.
  • clarity about life goals and career choices.
  • to deal with rejections and criticism productively.

We walk with you every step of the way.

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