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for impact-driven researchers, leading (female) scientists, people in interdisciplinary research and science-Practice-Collaborators

Everyone in the academic sector has a role to play in making an impact in the world. But let's face it: sometimes, in a system characterised by uncertainty, competition and performance pressure, focusing on one's own unique contribution and taking inspired action towards higher goals can seem a daunting task.      

We come into play if you are keen to figure out how to make inter- and transdisciplinary research work better. Further, we support you to find more fulfillment and ease while being productive, so you can focus on what has meaning in your professional and non-work life. We transform knowledge from neuroscience and economics, the philosophy of being (ontology), and elements from design thinking and improvisation theatre into everyday tools, so that you produce the results which you desire long after an AHA-moment has occured. With a scientific background, we further love to measure the return on our customers' investment.



Moje Phd 

 Coaching and mentoring for researchers at PhD level
Your PhD never ends and everything is going too slowly? Self-doubt and a feeling of "not-enoughness"? Lonely and isolated? What comes next, after the PhD?

Are these thoughts and questions sounding familiar to you? Keep reading if

you wish for more support, better feedback and true human connection - you want to move forward with more ease, fun and self-confidence - you long for making an impact with your work. 

Let's transform your obstacles and doubts into consistent authentic action and sweet goals.

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Moje Postdoc

Individual and group coaching for cutting-edge research with more balance
High performance pressure, a weak support system, a competitive work envioronment, unclear career prospects with frequent change of location and a felling of isolation, overwhelm and self-doubt.

This describes the situation of many brilliant, highly motivated postdocs or non-tenured professors.

This is for you if

you feel like you need to be on top of everything and are hungry to figure out how you can still focus on the research that you care about and how to stay innovative and productive, so that you can enjoy your professional and personal life more? 

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Moje Female Leaders in academia

Self-leadership coaching for female researchers
This is for women in formal leadership positions in research-based institutions, and for those on their way there. Lead along all hierarchical levels - from below, sideways, from above, lead yourself.

This program is for women who want to reach the next level in their professional and private life.

Do you doubt sometimes whether you can do it all? You feel high stress levels and as if you are sacrificing joy, family life and yourself?

Then this programme is for you.

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 Moje bridge: inter- And transdisciplinary Cooperations

Coaching, trainings and facilitation for multidimensional solutions
 What is in the way of true interdisciplinary reasearch and how can we shift to thriving cooperation? How can synergies between science and practitioners be created despite different objectives and incentive systems? 

We offer coaching format and facilitation for:
  • Interdisciplinary research teams 
  • Transdiciplinary collaborations
  • Research groups who want to achieve even more together
  • Researchers who want to develop practice-relevant research questions
  • Practitioners who want to apply evidence-based methods

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Moje training

Workshops for PhDs, Postdocs, Assistant Professors and "Sciencepreneurs" of all kind
Moje's workshops for academics at different career stages provide impulses for dealing with the general challenges of the academic system. Thy provide tools to enhance both productivity and personal well-being

Creative team personalities in the science system are especially close to our hearts. That is why we offer workshops that awaken the entrepreneurial and team spirit in scientists. This is how real collaboration, innovative solutions and better interdisciplinary exchange become possible.

For a selection of topics, see here.

 Moje Talk 

 Dr. Insa Flachsbarth as keynote speaker, in panel discussions, in podcasts, ...
 The combination of improvisational theatre, science and over 10 years of experience in presenting at international conferences gives me the ability to put facts and my observations of the world into moving stories with humour, so that you get inspired.

Selection of topics:

Success through play, Learning to love critique, Why cutting-edge research requires daring leadership, Why we need emotions in hard science, Publish or perrish - and how not to give a f***

For more details, drop me a line or get an appointment.

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