The face behind Moje

Dr. Insa Flachsbarth, scientist, Founder of Moje and Coach for impact-driven people and organisations


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Who Insa Is and her favourate quote:

Howard Thurman 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

  • What makes Moje different from other consultancy and coaching offers?

    My offer differs from other brilliant coaching offers in three essential points:

    1. I have been a scientist conducting research in different countries myself for over a decade. I understand the deep motivation on the one hand and the difficulties people are facing on the other hand. Before doing research, I spent several years in the private sector. It is this cross-sectoral and cross-cultural working experience which enables me to understand and break through a "silo mentality", which resolution is needed to create true interdisciplinary cooperations. It is my professional coach training that gave me a full understanding of the human kind: we as individuals are driven by similar mechanisms, regardless of hierachical positions, sectors or geographic locations. So my support is based on my long-lived experience, compassion and extensively learned reflection skills.
    2. I am NOT a subject matter expert in your life nor in your field of research. I do not give advice - I don't give more content. In fact, there is endless content out there and I know that you know how to access it! What I will do is make this content relevant to you. I show you what stands in your way to pass challenges and go beyond your stopping points of which you are not even aware of at this point in time. This means we do not just address the conscious part of a specific problem. We - you and me - will focus on subconscious reaction and behavioural patterns that usually come up again and again in your life. This has the enormous advantage that not only a specific goal is achieved or a specific problem is eliminated. Instead, we give you transformative experiences which change your thought patterns in such a way that problems remain solved once and for all.
    3. I am really nice! :-)
  • Insa, what does this quote have to do with you and your path?

    For me personally, this quote describes in a nutshell how I feel about many decisions I have taken in my life. Success and failure, satisfaction and frustration were in large part determined by these two questions. Before making small and big decisions, I have often asked myself: “What does the world need?” I should have asked: “What do I really want?” Therefore, I decided to start my career in a bank, because I thought that would provide a solid professional footing. If I had asked myself, what would make me come alive, it would have been the study of psychology. Already in school, I felt deeply devoted to understanding human behaviour and what drives us as human beings.

  • So, how did you proceed professionally, Insa?

    For several years I experienced the operational business of the financial sector working in a major German bank. It wasn't a bad time. However, my curiosity about the world motivated me to take long journeys through Latin America, Africa and Asia. Fascinated by globalisation issues, I decided to switch careers, move to Spain and start a PhD in economics. For over ten years now I have been working as a scientist in academia. Within an international network of organisations, I have been researching topics around economic development in light of the major global megatrends of our time. Also in this realm, I have often asked myself: "What does the world need?" It turned out that my research results were only groundbreaking when I, myself, was passionate about knowing the answers, rather than others. In the end, I started to only allow myself one question: “What is it that really makes me come alive professionally?” The answer to that is: me as an entrepreneur at Moje. In the end, I am convinced that the world needs me exactly in this role right here and now.

  • Insa, you are a scientist. What drives you to try something completely new as a coach and entrepreneur?

    In my research I focus on questions about how economies can develop under climate change and scarcer natural resources. Global food security, poverty and the role of global markets also play a role in my scientific life. In other words, I am searching for solutions to complex and pressing global problems. There are no easy answers. These issues can only be solved in an interdisciplinary team, by bundling many minds, many cultures and perspectives, and through deep empathy. This also applies to big solutions being produced in the private sector. However, everyday work often looks different from this ideal. All too often, we reinvents the wheel, because of a work system which fosters individual competition, rather than promoting diverse teams. Communication flows are disrupted and good leadership does not fully take place. As a result, people burn out and the output remains to be the sum of the parts. Fortunately, I have also experienced many inspiring projects in which people with different professional and cultural backgrounds created great things. These experiences – together with the deep conviction that another way exists – are what drive me in my daily work.

  • Insa, how would you describe yourself professionally and privately and how does it all fit together?

    I like to describe myself as a spontaneous person who likes to laugh, and sometimes just doesn't take things seriously enough. I love challenges and thrills. This has the advantage that I make decisions and get things done. However, sometimes I have to be careful not to overwhelm myself and others with too much adrenaline and action. One (or two or three ...) of my weaknesses: I sometimes speak too quickly and often pretend I'm really tough. Actually, I'm pretty sensitive and I am often moved to tears. I also like to talk and write. As you can see here: Sometimes, I talk and write too much. ;-)

    Who am I professionally? I have to say that there is no separation into a professional and private Insa. There is only one me which you will find in any part of my life. In fact, this concept of a holistic being can also be found very strongly in all of my coaching and training offers. When we start following our own authentic paths, the world will transform into a better one. I am convinced that this is key to professional success with greater satisfaction and ease. Authenticity is one of my core values - in everything I do. 

  • What does the own authentic path actually mean to you?

    For me it means to hear my inner truth and to trust it. It means questioning existing systems – and allowing new, different, and more diverse solutions. I question authorities instead of just accommodating expectations. For me it meant to realign myself professionally, and to found a business which combines my diverse experience with a solid ontological coach training. It also meant being a female founder – despite being the mother of two little sons in kindergarten, and despite the questioning and sometimes doubtful looks of those around me. Predominantly, it means to me: we can achieve anything, but we don't have to do it all. It means not to be perfect, but to start playing and “to get into the game – my game”. Yet, I know how difficult it can be to find your own authentic path and to walk it – but it is the only path that leads us to our personal success in life!

  • Insa, how did it come about that Playful Leadership became your professional focus?

    Some time ago, I started playing improvisational theater. Initially I thought that none of this has anything to do with my professional life. But the more I got to know about the “art of the spontaneous play”, I began to suspect that everything has to do with everything in life. This is especially true for improvisational theater. Improvisation is the missing piece of the puzzle to create groundbreaking innovations. It is brilliant because it only works in real cooperation with others and it makes you experience the need for collaboration. What the secret really is: laughing! We need a work environment in which people dare to go into the unknown, to express crazy thoughts, and to fail. We need a space free of fear which will eventually bring employees to perform at their best. I usually experience my best when I don't have to be good. This mindset is created through a playful attitude. Hence, I have made it my mission to live the values ​​of improvisational theater through playful leadership every day. In my entrepreneurial and scientific work, as a coach, in my leadership trainings, and in my daily life with others it means the following:

    • Saying yes
    • Being in the moment
    • Allowing failure
    • And above all: laughing!



My declaration

As coach and trainer, I am dedicated to a more truthful world, and to bringing clarity and light-heartedness to people. I stand for playfulness and deep human connection, while delivering profound content, tools and inspiring world views. I myself and others can count on seeing sparkles of possibility, choice and foremost the bliss of life.