The Academy for Playful Leadership

for academia FOR SOCietal transformation, FOR YOU 

We believe that anyone can truly achieve anything in life if they focus on the right things.



Our definition of leadership goes beyong formal leadership positions in any organisation. For us, leadership is taking responsibility for the influence you are having on anybody or anything in the world. 


We define playfulness as being fully in the current moment and being committed to living life a little lighter, irrespective of the outer circumstances. Playfulness brings you to the moment, because it is an absorbing way of being that provides enjoyment, is self-motivating and makes you want to do it again. It naturally exists when we are living in our zone of genius. 


We challenge unconscious beliefs and behaviours in a playful and provocative way. We offer practical tools to establish a radically new, conscious and playful leadership culture. We do this for more individual fulfilment, and for more innovation, interdiciplinarity and implementation in academic groups, in research-oriented organisations and science-practice cooperations. By doing so, we believe we can inspire the genius in everyone and make our contribution to a more compassionate and sustainable world. 


We envision a sustainable, win-for-all world: a world in which curiosity, authenticity, integrity, responsibility, ease and play are the predominant norms of social coexistence.

Moje believes

In telling the truth / You always have a choice / You create your reality / Ordinary suffering is optional / Being human means being in a mess / In the power of playfulness / In diversity / In your authentic contribution / You have all it takes

Moje creates 

Clarity / Focus / Ease / Grace / Authentic action / Energy / Self-consciousness / Creativity / Engagement / Mindfulness / Deep connections / Success / Diversity / Play / Transformation / Humour / Freedom