Coaching and mentoring for Phd candidates


As an experienced scientist, coach and mentor, Insa walks alongside with you during all phases of your doctoral thesis. Without a doubt, you can manage this demanding process all by yourself. However, you can do it more efficiently, faster and with much more ease with trenchant support. In times of uncertainty and doubt, we will playfully guide you out of your motivation slump, so that you can reach your goals with serentiny and joy. 

 1. Individual coaching for self-efficacy during the phd

Why coaching?

Science scrutinises critically, values precision and requires outstanding skills at all levels. That is vital. However, these conditions often impose immense pressure and expectations on young researchers. So are you suffering from inner self-doubt about your abilities? Is your doctoral thesis progressing far too slowly? Are you bothered by insufficient supervision, too little networking and loneliness at work? Then you are not alone.

I know. I’ve been there myself. So I am sure you can do it on your own. However, I also know that good self-leadership skills and support help to speed up the process while you gain more balance, fun and ease around your dissertation. This way, you can not "only" successfully complete your doctoral thesis, but also focus your energy on what is really important to you in your daily research and life. 

Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for you to look at and move beyond the places you’ve previously stopped yourself due to adverse outer circumstances. 

What you get

People who work with me begin to see that they know what they want and have what they need to create it - regardless of what is going on around them.

Specific results of your self-efficacy are:

  • Clarity about your own research niche 
  • Self-awareness and confident communication 
  • Dealing productively and easefully with criticism and rejection 
  • Dissolving (writing) blockades
  • Ease and a sense of freedom regardless of the status of your thesis
  • Taking breaks without feeling guilty
  • Deeper interpersonal connections with colleagues and supervisors and people from other fields
  • Progress and more balance through clear prioritisation

In addition, I offer counselling modules on the publication and writing process.

Our offer at a glance:

  • Free discovery session to ensure a perfect fit for you and your goals.
  • Individualised target setting 
  • Coaching sessions can be designed individually in length and frequency.
  • Sessions are held online or face-to-face.
  • At least six 50 minute-sessions or four longer sessions - because change requires time.
  • Unlimited text message support between sessions.
  • Online ad-hoc support for solutions in crucial moments
  • Supporting materials
  • Languages: German or English
  • Investment:
    • Clients paid by organisation:
      190 Euro per 50 minutes session incl. all services.
    • For individuals paying privately:
      PhDs with part-time contracts: 95 Euro per 50 minutes session incl. all services.
       PhDs with full time contracts: 110 Euro per 50 min session incl. all services.
    • We offer a limited amount of significantly discounted sessions for PhDs without or between employment contracts.

Next step: Schedule an appointment with Insa for a free discovery session! 

Are we a fit?

Coaching is not for erveryone.


Coaching is not free, nor cheap for two reasons:

  1. Working with me requires significant commitment: not primarily time, but the decision to irreversibly change your way of thinking and approaching life, not only for reaching your own career goals but primarily for being able to do fulfilling and meaningful work that rings true, regardless of external circumstances.
  2. To create a space that supports you at the highest level, I make the same significant commitment to your vision. That makes us a powerful team set up for success.

If this is too much, I understand. Now is probably not the time. Nevertheless, we believe in a world of equal opportunities. This means that your investment should be a stretch, but not an overload on your financial resources.

So are we a fit? If you have read this far and are still interested, we may be. You aren't quite sure where to start, let's find time to chat: Contact me for a free discovery session.

 2. Group coaching for PhD students

Stop doing it alone - PhD support Program

Get the support you desire and advance your PhD with ease

We know what it means to do a PhD. We also know about the ups and downs; the seemingly insurmountable challenges that lie in front of you. Our programme will give you the support your need during your PhD to tackle the challenges and to cross the PhD-mountain. Additionally, you will get impulses for your professional life well beyond your doctorate.


This program is for you, if

  • you have absolutely no time for doing it ;-).
  • you feel you are not getting enough and the kind of supervision you need for your dissertation process.
  • you are tired of having to do everything on your own, 24/7, without breaks.
  • you doubt that your ideas, knowledge and skills are good enough to survive in science.
  • you long for more serenity and ease in everyday work.
  • you finally want to focus on what is important to you about your research topic and stop worrying.
  • you have the desire to personally grow in community with others - which goes far beyond your academic career.

What you get

The mentoring program is a mixture of individual and group coaching, exchange groups and personal consulting services from Insa. We strengthen your own problem-solving skills, your ability to communicate with (difficult ;-)) supervisors and facilitate the dissertation and publication process. 

  • 6 - 12 participants
  • Duration 6 months (excl. summer break)
  • Concrete programme design and next start date: in planning
  • Two 50-min coaching sessions with me (440€ value): Here we deepen your vision and develop concrete goals or I advise you in the publication process.
  • Two 90-min Zoom sessions per month: We’ll meet for an orientation session
  • You cannot attend a live session? No problem - you can watch the recording.
  • Move forward, in community: You will be undergoing a transformation process in the presence and support of others.
  • Unlimited text support: In between sessions, you and I can text to discuss questions, challenges, and celebrations.
  • Self-leadership tools (e.g. on the topics: time management, resilience, conflicts,...), so you can take the lessons from coaching and put them into action in your daily life.
  • Language: English.


April 2022 until November 2022 (summer break in July.) Two 90 minute sessions per month. Exact days and times to be defined based on participants' preferences.

Your Investment

  • Monthly 3 hours live calls + daily ca. 10 minutes reflection time.
  • 0€ - ?€ • Pay what feels authentic to you  • Most pay 39€/session • some pay more • I appreciate a minimum payment of 29€/session to cover my costs – if this is too much, pay what you can.

  • Total price when organisation pays: 960€


Let's chat first to make sure this is what you want. Each cohort is capped at 12 people to allow a safe space. First come first serve.

You want to get started right away?

Wait a minute. Let’s make sure Insa, Moje’s offer and you are really a good fit. Please contact me for a free discovery session and we will find out. 

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