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In all our formats, the aim is to increase (collective) innovative capacity through a "playful" attitude and to combine performance and efficiency with personal well-being. Our aspiration is always to make scientifically based knowledge tangible. This should not only increase cognitive understanding, but above all set in motion concrete transformation processes through tools that can be implemented day by day (even if you don't have time). This applies for all our formats - whether in short training units, retreats lasting several days or through facilitation of inter- or transdisciplinary groups

Possible formats

  • Workshops or training at your premises
  • Workshops on conference venues
  • Full-day online trainings
  • Recurring online trainings in short segments
  • Retreats lasting several days at training centres
  • Facilitation of project meetings, group rounds, etc.

selection of topics

For PhDs and Postdocs

  • Playful prioritisation: an output oriented approach with focus on what you love
  • Rising above: shifting out of an imposter feeling to holistic self-confidence (females only or mixed groups)
  • From imitation to innovation: Design Thinking methods in science
  • Increasing my visibilty - am I good enough?

For female leadership development

  • Female leadership in competitive systems
  • Negotiating authentically
  • Fueling your academic career and family life: how to navigate 24/7 responsibilites
  • Creating space: how to say no without damaging the relationship
  • Conscious leadership: how to fuel trust and innovation in your team
  • Female leadership for interdisciplinary solutions in research
  • Lateral leadership in science - building visionary ideas and standing up for them (females only or mixed groups) 

For leadership in interdisciplinary research and transdisciplinary groups

  • Harnessing the power of diversity for path-breaking results
  • Building trust and psychological safety for more innovation and extraordinary group results
  • Shaping transdisciplinary projects effectively and with human connection
  • Resolving conflicts in heterogenous groups: an inward-looking approach (females only or mixed groups) 

For information on facilitation of inter- and transdisciplinary groups go here


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